Concrete Foundations San Antonio Tx

San Antonio Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundations are important to the structure and stability of your entire commercial or residential space. Without the proper precautions and steps taken you can be left with a defected potentially dangerous building. The validity of the building that you reside in or that your business is base in is important to the health and safety of inhabitants. Concrete foundations poured by the team at San Antonio Concrete are applied professionally with expertise and state of the art tools. Novice concrete companies can be well intended but deliver faltering results that are reflective of their price.


Concrete Foundation Installation

Installation of your concrete foundation should be percussed with the proper preparation. Preparation is necessary for the stable and complete installation of your concrete foundation, without this necessary step you will be left without a secured surface. Installation is conducted with our team of highly experienced contractors who are licensed within San Antonio. Concrete pouring is important and the execution of the project should not be taken lightly or without proper precautions. By choosing SAC you are designating a highly regarded concrete company to complete the entirety of your concrete needs and wants either residentially or commercially.

concrete foundation San Antonio

Raised foundation

Raised slab concrete foundations are installed through the services provided by San Antonio Concrete. We have installed hundreds of quality raised foundations throughout our community leaving our clients with sturdy results that stand the test of time. Proper steps are necessary to complete this style of foundation with proficiency and our entire licensed staff follows these steps meticulously. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the foundation of your structure, for everything that follows relies on the validity and strength of the foundation underneath. Raised foundations offer crawl spaces that are opportune for mechanical plumbing and electrical modifications throughout the years.


Cracked or compromised foundations should be rectified as soon as possible to avoid any potential disastrous. The signs of foundation troubles includes, slating floors, doors not closing or opening with ease. Visible cracks in the foundation are also signs that you will need a licensed technician to assess the damage of your raised slab or raised foundation. You complete the first step and then leave the rest up to our tenured professional concrete specialists. Our arriving experts will assess repairs and a subsequent plan of action for repair will be communicated to our customers along with a quote for repair.

Slab Foundation

Slab foundations are extremely popular throughout North America and for good reason. This type of foundation offers stability and functionality for homeowners throughout the United States. With a slab foundation your home will have strong bones on which the rest of the intended structure can be resurrected. Slab foundations can be reinforced with rebar prior to pouring the concrete itself, this offers an increased amount of stability to the foundation leaving property owners with extremely secure foundations and buildings.