Concrete Stamping and Staining San Antonio TX

San Antonio Concrete Stamping & Staining

Concrete can be bland to some people, that doesn’t mean that concrete is not the best option for their installation! Concrete has the ability to be modified to reflect alternate colors and shapes leaving our clients with various appearances. With the intended aesthetic in mind we are able to consult our clients and offer variances to concrete slabs that will appeal to their taste. From here we are able to install concrete to residential or commercial spaces heightening the look and functionality of their space for future use!



The look of your concrete can be individualized through modifications of pigment and texture. The resulting look of these modifications makes the concrete space more appealing to the property owner. Working with our concrete experts you will be walked through the various stamping options and pigment additives to find the right solution for your installation. We work alongside our clients to ensure that desired results are realized for the space and that our customers are satisfied with the overall aesthetic.



Concrete stamping is conducted with accuracy using premade molds that resemble organic materials such as natural rock as well as brick. Stamping is a great way to turn a basic slab of concrete into a piece of interesting appealing art. Many homeowners who are not willing to pay an astronomical amount for real authentic natural stone desire the feature. Although the cost of stamped concrete is higher than slab concrete, the price is still exceptionally lower than the installation of natural stone. For a quote or consultation on your stamped concrete options contact our customer service associates at the listed number.


Staining concrete is a method that adds pigment to concrete mix resulting in interesting and appealing colored finishing. Pigments are added to reflect natural stone such as brown complimenting the addition of a stamped surface. Other options include green, red and blue! By adding a pigment to your concrete you are increasing the intrigue of the installation while marginally increasing your cost. There are many different aesthetics that can be achieved with the addition of many various colors. To find the right finished product for your personal or professional property consultation with our team is recommended.


The presence of one of these techniques might not be enough of a modification for some homeowners to be satisfied with. There are alternate options to achieve the desired look for homeowners or commercial property owners. The combination of stained and stamped concrete delivers the best of both worlds, as there is pattern and color. When considering the stamped concrete in natural stone or brick consider red or brown as an additive to the concrete mixture for a natural looking result. Individual installations will surely stand out next to cookie cutter housing projects that lack the individuality that you can infuse.